Lodging – Henrietta Lodge

The Henrietta Lodge is a new modern lodge

with lovely finishes and all of the comforts.

The Henrietta Lodge is a new modern lodge with lovely finishes and all of the comforts. There is a full commercial kitchen, large full and accessible bathroom, lodge gathering room with a wood stove and a beautiful valley view, and a three-bedroom bunkhouse with two full bathrooms. This lodge also has a screened skinning room with a walk-in cooler, plus another half bathroom. You can often get a cell signal in this part of the ranch, and there is wireless internet as well as satellite TV in the lodge.

For larger parties, there are actually four more cabins near the lodge as well. The cabins each have two bedrooms with private patios and private bathrooms, and a central kitchenette/living room. Some of these guest cabin rooms have twin beds and some have queen size beds. The cabins are sited and designed to maximize view and privacy, while being within walking distance of the lodge.

We open the Henrietta Lodge for a minimum of three boar hunters or two buck hunters, and have accommodated as many as thirteen hunters at one time.

The lodge is also available for corporate retreats or personal parties. The area is fabulous for mountain biking and hiking if hunting is not a part of the plan for some or all guests. The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. There are beautiful, remote hillsides, meadows and forested areas with nothing but natural sounds, sights and smells.  There are even ponds with fish for fishing.

Lodge complex in the center, with four individual cabins to the sides.
Also visible are the propane tanks/generators.
Closeup view of lodge complex.
View southerly into Quien Sabe Valley
View of lodge, with skinning shed and walk-in cooler at right, firepit in the foreground
View of the fully equipped kitchen with an extreme freezer/refrigerator.
Lodge area. There is cable TV, WiFi, and a woodstove. There is also very good air conditioning!
Bunkhouse next to the Lodge has three sleeping rooms plus two full bathrooms equipped with soaps, shampoo, towels, etc.
Additional view of Lodge area.
Great for dining or for meetings.
One of the guest rooms
Another guest room
View of carport with lodge at right, skinning room in rear left, and guest rooms in background

View of the skinning room equipped with sink and hose with floor drain, walkin cooler in rear.

The mobile camp can put us where the action is!