The Details

We hunt on a very large private ranch generally east and southeast of Hollister. Unlike ranches where you might hunt on hundreds or even thousands of acres, we literally have many tens of thousands of acres of land to hunt. Think about it. Let’s say we see something in one area, and the hunt absolutely blows up. He winds us and runs, he is too far away or just goes out of sight. Maybe we even get a shot and just miss. On this ranch, we can move to another valley, or we can literally go 1-5-10-15 or even 25 or more miles away to another spot! We have real wilderness just hours from downtown San Jose. The hunting fee on this ranch is not inexpensive, unless one considers the cost per acre of exclusive access. Considering what is offered, it is an affordable hunt just south of the San Francisco Bay Area. We can accommodate seasoned veterans and beginners and everyone in between. We can provide a different hunt in an undisturbed area each evening and each morning. We can drive or walk as much as desired, or as much as would provide the best result.

I prefer to do trips from Friday to Sunday, but midweek trips are possible. I live two hours away from the ranch where we hunt but will be there before you arrive. We will meet at the #2 gate or #4 gate depending on the circumstances. I will provide detailed instructions.

While we do typically offer three-day, two-night trips, we can also accommodate you and your party for a single or two-day outing.

All hunts/bookings require a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to book time on the hunt calendar. Booking is first come first serve. All payments are by check.

Wild Boar:

Boar season is January 1 through December 31. There is no off-season, except that we don’t really hunt boar during deer season.

There is a minimum of three hunters required to open the Henrietta Lodge. It is big and fabulous! We have options for smaller parties too. Our camper “Olivia” can house two couples or two single adults. With hot/cold water and an outside shower, it’s also a great base camp for tent campers. Bottom line, we can handle single hunters or parties of two in various ways.

The ranch charges $1,100 (one day trip) to $1,400 (three day two night trip) per hunter to hunt for “any” wild boar at guide discretion, with a total of $1,700 if the boar taken has tusks in excess of two full inches. We prefer the harvest of male hogs, or younger either-sex hogs. We do not take mature/breeding females nor any females with a litter. No worries, we will provide on-scene guidance. All game harvested is at the discretion of the guide.

Deer Hunts:

Rifle season for deer in Zone A-South is mid August to late September, preceded by bow season which begins in July. All boar hunting is shut down during deer season (mid-July to late September)

Three days two nights with lodging base hunt is $2500 per hunter (includes any deer under 40 points) (min.2 people)

There are trophy fees for over 40 to 45 points, 45 to 50 points, and over 50 points. 

*Points are measured by width, plus height and number of points, which includes eye guards.

Hunting Fees:  Deposit of half of the minimum fee ($1250) will be collected at the time of booking. The balance due will be collected by July 1.  Settlement of trophy and extra fees will be at end of hunt.

Other Game and Activities

We can hunt various other species during their season. As with boar, there is no season on coyote. Coyote are fair game at any time, but only shoot when there is a good chance of success. All hunts include the opportunity to hunt coyotes at the guide’s discretion. A dedicated coyote-specific hunt is also possible.


Two nights with lodging (min. 2 people)                                                       $800/person

One or two day hunt, no lodging (no min. people)                                      $650/person

Quail / Dove / Ducks:

Quail / Dove / Duck  – two nights with lodging (min. 3 people)                  $800/person

Quail / Dove / Duck – Day Trip includes Lunch                                              $350/person


Day Trip includes Lunch                                                                                    $350/person


Wild boar/bird combo two nights lodging (min. 3 people)                          $1700/person

Wild boar/turkey combo two nights lodging (min. 2 people)                      $2000/person


Fishing, outdoor activities and Lunch:

Day fishing, outdoor activities and lunch (min. 5 people)                             $300/person

One night with lodging (Includes meals, min. 5 people)                                $450/person

(min $2,000 to open lodge)

Hiking, Biking and Bird/Animal Watching:

Two nights with lodging (min. 3 people)                                                           $1400/person

Includes guide(s) from dawn to dusk as needed


Observer/Participant, Non-shooting day guest                                                $300/person

Observer/Participant, Non-shooting guest with overnight stay                     $450/night


**options for smaller parties, just ask

**outdoor activities include calm and/or exciting 4x4 trail riding in a variety of vehicles, hiking, biking, sight-seeing, photographical opportunities, wildlife viewing, target shooting, varmint shooting and picnic lunch.